Who could benefit from Feldenkrais?

If you breathe, stand, walk, sit, speak, do things with your hands, etc. you would definitely benefit from the Feldenkrais Method®. The method does not treat or cure, but it helps one to find solutions to live from new ways of organizing our human material.   


You could use the method to learn ways out of pain and difficulty, or you could develop a process of learning to further your personal growth and development.  It is common that people come to Feldenkrais lessons for more flexibility and better coordination.  In other words, the method provides the conditions for us to rework our process of carrying out our intentions into action.  We learn to develop a keener sensorial perception of ourselves so we may participate more fully and wholly in our actions. 


People have come to the Feldenkrais Method to:

  • find relief from chronic pains and other ailments

  • improve their performance in the performing arts (dance, singing, playing an instrument, acting, expressive potential in general), sports, and hobbies

  • find ways of reducing anxiety


Benefits of the method 

You may experience:

1) a better sense of self

2) more self-confidence

3) more ease, comfort, and pleasure 

4) greater efficiency due to reduced effort and cross-motivations in your actions

5) increased energy and vitality

6) a sense of peace

7) increased creative spirit

8) a sense empowerment and mastery

9) improvement or disappearance of chronic pains.  

10) more possibility from a broader repertoire of actions and responses to your everyday circumstances. 

11) improvements in biological functions


(... What will you experience?)






It is a term that had occurred to me during my reflections on the method during my training program.  I believe in the "art of living."  There are so many ways for us to compose ourselves in order to act and behave.  Our physical constitution - bones, muscles, nerves, all the various tissues, organs, etc. and our brain and nervous system which coordinates everything... it became clear to me that this was all our human material.  


Like the materials for a painter, sculpture, we have many different options as to how we put our materials to use, and this is what the method helps us to explore. 


Paul Pui Wo Lee 

Certified Feldenkrais® teacher

Movement/self-use consultant

   -based in Malmö, Sweden


paulpwlee@gmail.com | +46 707647376