Hello!  My name is Paul Pui Wo Lee, and I am a certified teacher of the Feldenkrais Method® and freelance contemporary dancer living in Malmö and teach often in Malmö and Copenhagen.

I am passionate about sharing Feldenkrais® with you all, because it is such an easy and practical way for you to improve and refine the way you "use yourself." It helps you learn to sense yourself more clearly, so you may undo the patterns of tension that might cause you discomfort physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Can you imagine how learning to use yourself to move in more efficient ways can help you develop healthier, less strained, stronger, more effective, and even more pleasurable ways move through life.  As Feldenkrais put it:


"Movement is life.

Life is a process.

Improve the quality of the process and 

you improve the quality of life itself." 

Every moment you're alive 

What would it be like to fluidly translate your intentions, even dreams, into action?  What would 

So the more I teach, the more I realise that Feldenkrais helps people view, feel, listen, perceive, understand themselves differently in order to move outside of their habits to discover more of their true potential.  

I have regular Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement (ATM®) lessons in Malmö and Copenhagen, and I travel around Europe and to Hong Kong to share the method.  


Paul Pui Wo Lee 

Certified Feldenkrais® teacher

Movement/self-use consultant

   -based in Malmö, Sweden


paulpwlee@gmail.com | +46 707647376