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Dearest artists,

Wouldn't you want to share your talents from a place of freedom and possibility?

Well-being, technique, and expression go


Whether you dance, sing, play an instrument, act, perform circus feats, etc., you wouldn't be able to express, create or channel your passion without the sophisticated orchestration of your brain, muscles and skeleton to move.  How good of a conductor are you in bringing forth the best of your human potential to fruition? 

I adore sharing the Feldenkrais Method® with artists around the world because:

  • it zooms into the make-up of your artistic skills, so you may expand your capabilities by finding more effective, as well as healthier, ways to advance your craft without sacrificing your well-being.

  • it guides you to learn how to sense - to "listen" - to yourself more clearly to gain deeper insight into how you can optimise your use of your human and artistic material, i.e. YOU. 

  • you learn to cultivate a more intelligent self-use that will enable you ttake on your professional demands and express your fuller potential with greater skill, confidence, sustainability, and freedom. 

  • it revives the spirit of honing one's craft in their chosen art form.

  • the discovery of new comfort and personal capacities could be inspiration fuelling increased motivation to pursue your artistic endeavours.

So what happens in an ATM® lesson?

I would love to come teach Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® lessons at your dance company, orchestra, theatre troupe, or any artistic community. If this interests you, please get in touch with me!


How well do you direct your human material into living art?

How well could you?

What is an ATM® lesson?

You get to slow down to take a closer look at how you do things and uncover better ways. 


Awareness Through Movement® lessons are designed to help you learn to become aware of your habits to eliminate motor patterns that might be causing you discomfort, even pain, and holding you back from performing at your desired level.  This learning encourages you be more creative and innovative to move yourself more wholesomely to do what you love with ease, efficiency, grace, and pleasure.


Most of the lessons are done on the floor.  You begin with a guided body scan and then you are led through verbal instructions to explore specific movements. You expand your inner kinaesthetic sense to move rather than aim to conform to an external model.  We take rests between movements so you can feel the changes that they have been produced.  At the end of the lesson, you get back up onto your feet to experience how the movement explorations have influenced your standing, walking, and other daily actions and to give yourself time to integrate the new ideas and understandings.  


In a certain lesson, for example, we would clarify the sliding of the shoulder blades over your ribcage in all directions:

For a musician, this could soften your neck and shoulders, free up your arm movements, and improve the tone of your sound. 

For dancers, this could enrich your port de bras, make it lighter to developé your leg, and make you stabler on relevé.  

For actors, this could add vibrancy to the sound and feeling of your voice as well as offer more nuances to your characterisation. 


Try an ATM® lesson o experience more grasp, freedom, and finesse to enjoy your art!   


If you feel like trying out an ATM®, spread a mat or blanket out and lie down.  The video below will lead you through the beginning of one of my favourite lessons called "Rolling the fists."  For dancers, you might understand why I've given it the nickname of the "VaGaNoVa" 

If you prefer to just look
here are a few videos to give you an idea of what Feldenkrais® ATM®s look like.  
Someone once told me that they decided not to come to ATM lessons because they looked so darned boring!  This person finally came and was overjoyed after experiencing those boring movements :D

ATM®s are a chance for YOU.... for YOU to slow down, feel, sense, rework and reorganise yourself for healthier and more effective ways to pursue and grow in your art. 
You don't have to be performing for anyone while you're doing an ATM® lesson and learning...  (Wohoo!)

*WARNING: ATM lessons are not the most "Instagram-worthy" moments.  If only your phone could capture that sublime feeling of immense personal possibility you feel afterwards...


Feldenkrais Method®

The Feldenkrais Method® is a form of sensory-motor education.  Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, the founder (pictured on the right) came up with ingenious ways of highlighting to the nervous system more favourable ways of actualising our intentions into action.  These can lead to useful movement strategies which may reside outside our image of what we were taught to be technically or socially correct.  You learn to direct yourself with more efficiency, ease and refinement by profiting from your kinaesthetic sense.  His method guides you to explore movements beyond your habits and acquire a more accurate self-image.  This

facilitates the discovery of more options, so you gain improving flexibility in how you mobilise yourself to move through life. 

For artists, I see this as a practical way of broadening the spectrum of your palette to afford yourself with more choice in your artistic path.  Becoming more adept at sensing yourself leads to a maturity, and ability to "feel" or judge what works in agreement with your personal artistic vision and philosophy.  


Upcoming Classes


Regular Wednesday + Saturday classes @ YogaGården

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Danscentrum Väst (Göteborg)

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Andersson Dance and Scottish Ensemble (on Swedish tour)


The Royal Danish Ballet

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Upcoming teaching

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  • Danish Dance Theatre

  • Skånes Dansteater (Malmö, Sweden)

  • Workshop with dancers in the Norbotten region of Northern Sweden (Luleå, Sweden)

  • Norrdans (Härnösand, Sweden)


(Günther) serving inspiration at the

Hessiches Ballett in Wiesbaden, germany.

Who's Paul?

I would love to come teach Feldenkrais® ATM® lessons at your dance company, orchestra, theatre troupe, or artistic community.

If this interests you, please get in touch with me below!


Paul Pui Wo Lee 

Certified Feldenkrais® teacher

Movement/self-use consultant

   -based in Malmö, Sweden


paulpwlee@gmail.com | +46 707647376