ATM® and FI®

The Feldenkrais Method® is comprised of two types of work: Awareness Through Movement® classes (ATM) and Functional Integration® lessons (FI). 

What happens in an ATM® lesson?

Awareness Through Movement® classes are group lessons that are led by verbal instruction.  As I lead you through movements I offer suggestions for what you might want to feel or think about.  My instructions are guidelines, so it is you who takes charge of your own process.  You do what is most comfortable for you, and you will be reminded to rest when you want.  We take rests regularly throughout ATM® lessons to avoid overloading the nervous system so it may maintain its keen perceptivity. It can be surprising how much we can progress from respecting our comfort and well-being.


There is no need to achieve anything in these lessons.  It is an opportunity to explore and experiment with how we can do more with less effort and strain, or even no effort or strain.  Aiming for perfection, as Dr. Feldenkrais thought, could actually limit us to the improvement that goes beyond what we thought of as being perfect. 




















What happens in an FI® lesson?

In an FI® lesson, I work privately with you.  We begin by identifying your personal needs and areas of interest for the lesson. There are many positions  - or orientations - we can work from but the most common would be lying in some way on the Feldenkrais table.  My communication is primarily through the touch of my hands, and with a gentle and resassuring touch, my aim is to show you the (movement) possibilities available to you.  My hands act as a mirror, allowing you to feel, "see", or "hear" parts of yourself more clearly, so you may have them participate more effectively in action.  There is no doubt that your nervous system is attending to the sensorial input/information from my hands, and that offers the chance for your system to reorganize itself.  

The lesson ends with you back on your feet where you can feel the effects of your newfound organization, and you might be given some movements to chew on at home.  



One of my ATM® classes in Hong Kong for 4 Degrees Dance Laboratory.



Paul Pui Wo Lee 

Certified Feldenkrais® teacher

Movement/self-use consultant

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